5 Productivity Tools for Recruitment Professionals

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Recruitment can be a high-pressure and intense industry with the potential for long hours packed full of work. It’s not all doom and gloom though; there are hundreds of time-saving and productivity boosting tools that can help busy recruitment professionals. Here’s our Top 5.

Slack is great for communication and productivity

If you work as part of a team (in an office or remotely), communication is key. Slack is perfect for communication! At its most basic, you can use Slack to keep in touch with your team – a sort of internal instant messenger. But Slack is capable of so much more. You can create channels to separate conversations and discuss projects or clients that you’re hiring for and you can share and collaborate when you’re working on a project –  like a new job role.

Skype can be used in mumerous ways in the recruitment industry

You might be using Skype already and I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Use it to keep in touch with your staff and remote workers; use it to communicate with your clients and hiring managers to ensure you’re clear on all aspects of a role; use it to vet and interview candidates remotely. The king of video chat is an awesome resource for recruiters.

Evernote is a simple productivity tool, well executed

Evernote is a note-taking app. It seems simple, right? In fact, Evernote is powerful and, most importantly, convenient. Whether you need to jot down a quick note or thought about a job role or candidate, or you need to draft a letter or job spec, Evernote is always there and (with the premium account) is synced across all your devices. Quick chat with a candidate whilst you’re out and about? No worries, make a note and it’ll be waiting on your PC when you get back to the office – great!

Any calendar will do, but having a good one is important

No, calendar is not the name of some awesome calendar app that you’re missing out on. Instead, it’s so important that you have a calendar that works for you! A calendar packed full of functionality that’s easy to use and works across your devices is (probably) the most important tool you can have in your recruitment toolbox. Google’s Calendar is well-regarded in this field, but Outlook is improving all the time and there are numerous others available – the choice is yours.

Hootsuite can save you time and money and help place source talent

This is only relevant if you’re responsible for a social media channel as part of your recruiting toolkit. And, with recruiting through social media on the rise, you should be! If the best talent is interested in you on social media – whether it be LinkedIn, Twitter or any network – you’ll find it easier to attract them. Use Hootsuite to schedule useful posts that your followers/connections will appreciate, as well as the job roles that you’re advertising. Sprinkle in a few ‘live’ tweets, posted in real time, and you’ve got the making of a great social recruiting tool!