Grow Your Recruitment Business. But how?!

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Go Niche!

Niche recruitment is the way to go. When you’re providing recruitment services within a niche market, you can establish your business with more ease. Being niche also makes it easier to get in the door with your new clients; they’re more inclined to talk to you if you’re a specialist (and can provide some good evidence to demonstrate that).Let’s run through the benefits of niche recruitment… Marketing is considerably easier; you’re able to target your marketing (both to candidates and clients) with extreme accuracy and, with tools like LinkedIn premium, you can easily reach and keep tabs on potential candidates. Demonstrating in-depth knowledge of clients’ sectors, their business function and their place within the market is easier too. Also, if you’re dominating your niche you are in a great position to increase your fees – something that recruiters generally struggle with.

Don’t jump into recruiting your own staff

Whether you’re a one-person operation or a compact but effective team, there’s no need to bolster your ranks unless it’s absolutely required. It’s common for recruitment agency owners to get excited at the thought of doubling their capacity by doubling their staffing, but don’t forget that your new hire is unlikely to be as successful as you! In addition, they are going to have to be trained, which takes earning time away from you.

Go Digital

Who am I kidding? – You’re already online! But are you getting the most out of technology and mobile?With digital you can be (geographically) mobile. There’s no reason why you should be limited by location anymore and, if you’re going niche (see above!) then you’re going to be in demand across the country, so do it. You can still provide clients with great service with technology – think video conferencing and personalised emails!

Candidates are going (technologically) mobile. Over 50% of applicants use a smartphone in the process of job-hunting. Through a strong (and mobile-friendly!) website, that can allow job applications via mobile, and a strong brand on social media, you can increase your chances of finding the best clients and candidates.

Think about the client

I know that you already know the value of your clients. You’re a small business and your world revolves around them! They shouldn’t know through your interactions that your business is growing; to them it should always feel like you only have a few clients. The key to this: a good CRM.

If you don’t want to spend a lot, Hubspot offer a free CRM that is quite adaptable to all industries. Ensure that you’re making notes on clients records that enable you to add a personal touch. Not just birthdays (LinkedIn already tells you that) but notes about events, family and hobbies. Be personal, providing great service, and you’ll grow organically from recommendations alone.