Recruiting with Social Media: Tips for 2017

Social recruiting is a phenomenon that has become well-established in recent years. The explosion of social media led to masses of relevant, personal and professional information being easily-accessible online. This has combined with the new ‘millennial’ employee, who “are like athletes joining professional teams, staying only as long as the relationship benefits both.”

Here’s what talent spotting via social media looks like right now:

1/4 of job-seekers use social media as their primary tool for job hunting.

7/10 18-34 year olds found their previous job through social media.

Nearly 1/2 employee referrals come through social media.

With these stats and the competitive marketplace for talent, there is no doubt that social media will feature as a highlight of the recruitment arsenal in the coming year. So, how should a recruitment agency go about using social media to source candidates (or start if they don’t do so already).

Social Recruitment Tips for 2017

Don’t limit yourself to the big social networks!
Whilst LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are undoubtedly the largest social media platforms out there – and have the highest levels of membership and traffic – they are very broad. There are a huge number of social networks that cater to niche interests; think about sites like GitHub and Stack Overflow for IT, and Reddit covers just about everything you could imagine! As well as niche channels, there are up-and-comers in recruitment. You’ll be lagging if you weren’t thinking about employing Instagram and Snapchat in your social recruiting toolkit.

Think brand, brand, brand.
If you’re a brand and you’re hiring talent through social media, you need to sell you brand. Be active, engaging and allow your employees to advocate for you on social media. However, if you’re a recruiter, you won’t be able to showcase an employers’ brand in such a way. But you can be just as effective. Build your own brand on social media and become the go-to network for your followers’ jobs. When there’s the opportunity, ask your client for quotes from employees (or find them on Glassdoor etc.) and showcase the job – build a brand and positive exposure for each job!

Millennials need efficiency.
Millennials have grown up in an age where information is easily accessible. Any fact is a few keystrokes – and less than 20 seconds – away, why shouldn’t their application be that accessible? This is not to say that poor quality applications should be encouraged (or even allowed), nor that allowing people to mass-apply is the right solution. Instead, allowing millennials to easily submit their carefully crafted CV, with only a few supplementary details (or none – think ‘one-click apply’) will encourage more applications, allowing you to pick the best from a bigger bunch. This also addresses the concept that every millennial is a candidate; with such willingness to move in order to learn and grow, give millennials the ability to quickly and easily apply and you’ll catch more passive candidates.