Top Recruitment Tips from the Pros!

Top Tips from Optima Recruitment (featuring their logo)

The Recruitment Industry is competitive and, for now, the market is candidate-driven. How can you differentiate your recruitment business from the competition and be heard above the noise? With the help of Recruitment Pros at Optima Recruitment, we’ve developed our ‘Top Tops for Sourcing Top Talent’ with a few insights into the future of the industry. Check out these awesome recruitment tips!

Here at RecruiterCover Recruitment Insurance, we decided to quiz our recruitment expert friends at Optima Recruitment for their thoughts on how recruitment agencies need to adapt to the current market, the abundance of millennials job-hunting and where the future of recruitment is going.

We started off by asking Optima what recruitment professionals like them should be doing to attract the top talent. They were quick to respond with “social media”! Optima explained how recruiters can make small changes, like refreshing the way job specs are written and broadcast on social media, to grab candidates’ attention and really sell the job role.

Optima also explained how they work with their clients to ensure they understand what motivates job seekers and can generate more responses to adverts:

“A lot of our job is advising clients on what other opportunities are available in the market and what jobs and benefits attract talented people. Some simple elements like holiday allowance can make the difference in terms of the quality of applicants. Often clients aren’t aware that it’s the small things that can hold candidates back from applying.”

Next up, we debated what the abundance of millennials in the market means for recruitment. Optima agreed that the market was candidate-driven now, but the number of job seekers may increase in the foreseeable future. With the prospect of employers being able to cherry-pick candidates, the competition will heat up! Optima also echoed the industry wide challenge of filling junior level roles as candidates are looking for higher-paid entry and junior positions.

“Employers will be able to cherry pick and so the competition heats up!”

When we quizzed Optima about the best channels for reaching top talent, they explained that the key is being proactive. By constantly searching and coming up with new ways to communicate, advertise and entice candidates, you can stay ahead of the curve. Also, don’t forget to sell the benefits of working with your agency:

“Clearly highlight benefits and progression. But also, ensure that candidates are aware of your agency and what your agency can offer to their job search!”

Wrapping up our ‘interrogation’ of the Optima team, we tried to garner their views on what the future of recruitment is. We firmly agreed that the evolution of technology and the shift towards digital recruitment solutions has in no way diminished the need for agencies.

“Clients are being inundated with applicants that don’t suit the roles they need to fill. They don’t have the time to go through hundreds of applications, arranging interviews etc. is not something that they want to be doing. They also struggle to stay current with all the channels used to engage with top talent. That’s where recruitment agencies can step in!”

Thanks to Optima Recruitment for providing their expert insight into the recruitment industry.