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Specialist Insurance for the Recruitment Industry

RecruiterCover is a trading name of aQmen Limited. We’re a specialist insurance underwriter and risk management partner for recruitment and employment agencies. We have been insuring the recruitment industry for 10 years and have recently relaunched as RecruiterCover.

Our recruitment insurance policies have been designed to provide comprehensive cover to recruitment and employment agencies. They are tailored to each individual insured business and have been backed by two of the UK’s largest insurers. The policy offers cover and extensions to include professional indemnity, fidelity bonding and vicarious liability.

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Who’s it for?

RecruiterCover Recruitment Insurance is our combined ‘bespoke’ policy that is designed for recruitment and employment businesses of all sizes and styles, from one-man bands through to the largest, national firms.

What’s covered?

The RecruiterCover Recruitment Insurance policy is designed to be tailored to your needs. Dependant on what insurances are required, our underwriters create a bespoke policy that is perfectly suited your organisation and they type of recruitment and talent placement that you do.

Key Points

  • The RecruiterCover Recruitment Insurance policy provides all the insurance you require to protect your recruitment business
  • Our policy wording is designed for recruitment agencies and as such covers both standard and non-standard contract of employment
  • As part of our insurance offering, we provide employment contract review services to alert you to liabilities within your talent placements
  • Extensions are available to cover recruitment industry-specific risks such as vicarious liability and fidelity bonding

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